Symptoms and Treatment of Kidney Infection

Kidneys are important components of the excretory system of the human body. They are located on each side of the body underneath the diaphragm, learn more on . Every kidney is attached to the bladder through long tube like structures termed as ureters.

The urine from the kidney moves through these ureters and stores it in the bladder. It will stay there until it is removed from the body through the urethra. The kidneys have extremely important functions in the body.

These include regulating blood pressure, filtering of waste products from the body, contributing to the production of erythrocytes or red blood cells as well as maintaining electrolyte balance. However, there are times when the kidneys will not be able to perform their functions properly, like hair problem learn more on

The most common reason for such malfunctioning is microbial infection of the kidneys. This is specifically known to be a kidney infection read more info here In the medical world, this is referred to as pyelonephritis.

The symptoms of kidney infection will commence with different problems related to urination. These problems will further extend to other parts of the body if proper treatment is not given.

kidney infection

Given below is a list of symptoms of kidney infection:

  • Frequent urge to urinate particularly during nighttime
  • Even after urination, feeling of full bladder is felt
  • In both men and women, the symptoms of kidney infection can include difficulty in urinating or inability to hold the stream upon urination. This can be accompanied with pain of the lower portion and sides of the abdomen.
  • During or just after urination, there is mild to sharp pain. A lot of patients will also have a burning sensation together with pain.
  • For children and infants, the symptoms of kidney infection can include fussiness and irritability. The main reason for these is that they are not able to express their discomfort and opt for petulance as indication of discomfort instead.
  • Kids who were potty trained for sleep may have difficulty controlling their urination as they suffer from urinary tract infection or UTI. Thus, bed wetting is another indication of kidney infection in children, learn more on
  • More often than not, an infected kidney is swollen and is surrounded by fluids. As a result, the pressure on the adjacent structures will increase which will further cause pain in the abdomen.
  • Other symptoms of kidney infection are severe pain in the abdomen and cramps accompanied with diarrhea. Pain on the back is also felt by several patients It is also known in people who take excessive amounts fastest working male enhancement pills.
  • Infection of the kidney can spread to other parts of the excretory system such as ureters and bladder. Eventually, pain and discomfort will be felt on the lower back, buttocks and groin.
  • The body may increase its temperature by 1-2 degrees as a way of fighting against the causative microbe. This can make a person feverish.
  • Symptoms like cloudy and foul-smelling urine can be experienced by both male and female.
  • Other symptoms include severe pain in the lower part of the abdomen as well as passage of both pus and blood through the urine. Hematuria is the term used when blood is present in the urine.
  • Chronic symptoms of kidney infection are dizziness, fatigue, nausea, dehydration and vomiting. In such a case, urgent medical attention is necessary.

UTI Treatment

The course of treatment for urinary tract infection will depend on the cause and the severity of the infection. While some infections can be treated at home, there are some which require the use of antibiotics. When an individual starts showing the signs of infection, treatment should be started at once.

If this is done immediately, the problem can be alleviated within days. Listed below are several treatments for urinary tract infection which can be done at home. You will also see treatments using antibiotics or medications obtained over the counter, read more on

Home Remedies for UTI

The first signs of UTI are effectively treated with home remedies for urinary tract infection. These remedies are necessary in order to prevent the problem from getting worse. Give these home remedies a try:

    kidney infection
  • As much as possible, you should drink a lot of fluids so that the bacteria are washed out from the tract. Six to eight glasses of water should be consumed on a daily basis.
  • Since unsweetened juice of cranberry or blueberries contains antioxidants and beneficial for the body’s immune system, this is also good for the treatment of UTI, lear much more on
  • An excellent remedy for UTI is drinking half spoon of baking soda combined with water. The soda increases the acid and base balance present in the urine.
  • Vitamin C should be incorporated in the diet since this is responsible for preventing the bacterial growth in the bladder.
  • These remedies which can be done at home are good when the first sign on UTI will begin to show. People should visit the doctor at once. There are plenty of antibiotics for the treatment of urinary tract infection or over-the-counter medications which anyone can take.

But of course, permission from the doctor should be obtained first. Keep on reading so that you will know some of the over-the-counter medications and antibiotics prescribed by the doctor for urinary tract infection treatment.

Over-the-Counter and Antibiotic for UTI

Cystex is one of the UTI medications which can be obtained over the counter. Make use of dipsticks in checking whether or not you have the UTI. If the doctor thinks that the infection is mild, antibiotics are prescribed for a minimum of three days in women and almost a week or even more in men. The prescription from the doctor should be followed. Furthermore, the course of treatment should be completed even if you already feel better after two days.

What have been mentioned are some of the treatment methods for urinary tract infection which you need to bear in mind. In case, you show any of these UTI signs, it is best to start with the treatment at once so that the situation will not become worse.